Why Now is the BEST time to Sell your Home!



Right now Homes are selling 10-30% above market value, depending on area and amenities. Now is the time to sell. Why it is a win-win for the seller and buyer!

Why houses are selling faster and higher than the market value. Interest rates have remained at an all time low and will slowly increase, so now as a buyer now is the time to jump, even if you pay a little more for a home now than next year the savings of a low-interest rate now will save money in the future and in the long run. 

For the Seller, making your home ready to go and ready to move within 30-45 days! Your goal is to work with an agent to prepare your home the best way possible, setting you up for a bidding war and getting you the highest price for the sell of your home. Get a competitive market analysis and see what homes have sold for in the last 30-300 days and truly see how your home compares. Contact a professional to get started today!


Sarah Boston Home Team




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