Selling your Home Chip & Joanna Style!

Has the market slowed down a bit, yes, but it will pick back up in the next week to 2 weeks. So what does that mean for a Home Seller- Get your house on the market fast, because buyers are still out there and are waiting for just the right home to claim as their own.


Start with a Walk Thru with a Realtor, then they can sit down with you and go over what needs to be done in the home, so the next 1-3 buyers walking thru will put in an offer. What we are finding right now in the market, is if your home looks spectacular on first impressions-(that doesn’t mean dumping money into your home) then buyers will fall in love with it, and often if there are multiple buyers interested then you may get more for your home than the asking price. Which only happens if your home is priced right. So get the right advice. Ask for comparable homes that have sold in the area. Think on it. 


Advice #1. Declutter- everything but a few items off of your kitchen cabinets, off the countertops, tables etc. Again your Realtor can also give you advice on this. 

Advice #2. Take down family pictures, and anything personal, trophies, awards, etc. This is wonderful and makes it your home, but to a new Buyer- they can’t picture themselves feeling comfortable in your home with your personal stuff- they need to be able to picture their items if this will be Their home. 

Advice #3. Staging your home- what your Realtor can/should do prior to pictures being taken. Fluffing the pillows, greys, blues, pops of color are in right now, your home should look like the cover of a magazine, inviting, not overwhelming to a new buyer. 

For more Tips on Selling your Home

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