Tips on How to Sell your Home Fast! With the Most money to Buy Your Dream Home!!

6affe-home2bsarahbostPainted-over Wallpaper

       I realize that some of the stager-types do this on HGTV, but it’s EVIL! Eventually, the paint pulls the paper away from the wall, revealing a seam, which is a huge red flag for wise buyers.  To avoid bad karma you’ll never hear me say that it’s ok to paint over wallpaper.  One exception to the rule: If the wallpaper  was never sized, was mudded & sanded – then it is safe to paint.

Exercise Equipment in the Master Bedroom

This takes up to much space and is not eye appealing.

Smallish Closets with a Single Bar Across

There are home improvement store isles devoted to this very important master bedroom space. I recommend that sellers raise the bar so that a double hung bar can hang in a portion of the space….add a shelf or two above….and for please hide the open dirty clothes hamper.

Updated Kitchens with Shiny Brass cabinet Pulls

The stainless (or black) appliances look amazing, the lighting has been updated…why are the cabinet pulls still brass? A hundred bucks or so and the kitchen is fully updated.

Granite Counters with Dated Backsplash

Why? Why? Why? Buyers see the dated back spash butted against the gorgeous granite counters and wonder why the sellers didn’t finish the job. What should have been a        fabulous plus is now a frustrating negative.

Chandelier Hung Too High

Chandeliers as a rule of thumb should hang 33” to 39” from the top of the table to the bottom of the chandelier. Easy fix.


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Decorating & Staging Your Home to Sell!!

I walk into houses Daily!! Here are a few tips on how to help sell your home fast with easy steps! 


Ceiling Fan over a Dining Table

       Unless the table is bathed in hot summer sun most of the year, who wants to serve a hot meal that will be cold in 15 seconds?

       Empty Bookshelves

       Empty bookcases make a home feel soulless. Technically, I realize homes don’t have a soul, but folks tend to connect to a home at that level.

Artwork Hung at “Eye Level”

Just whose eye level are we talking about? Mister basketball star or Miss pretty ‘n petite? The only time “eye level” applies is in a foyer or hallway, where one is never sitting. There, the rule of thumb is that the top of the frame should never be level with or higher than a door or window frame. We spend out time sitting in most rooms, so the artwork should be hung in relation to the furnishings, providing balance and color. You can feel the difference.

Wait, did you say vent?

The slats on a return air vent need to be slanted so we don’t see the unfinished wall behind it. Another simple fix!

If your home needs some updating ideas before listing please feel free to contact me. I stage what sellers already own, making their things work very hard to sell the home!