House Hunters in KS & MO! Get your House on NOW!!

Are you afraid to put your house on the market because you are afraid you will not find anything. There are easy solutions to the problem. When you are the seller, you have the power to do what you need too. As in, you can expect and ask for a longer period of closing up front. Which if a buyer wants your home they can extend their lease for a longer period to get your home. Every day homes are coming on and off the market, you have to be ready to buy. Not a lot of sellers are taking contingent contracts because for one reason there are so many buyers in the market, if they can accept one that doesn’t need to sell their home first- when they don’t even have it on the market yet. When you have already accepted an offer and are going to buy, there often is no issue, it is when you are asking a seller to take a chance / gamble on you -that you are not going to hold up the sell of their house and get cold feet and never sell yours. That is why a lot of sellers are shying away from contingent sells.

1st. What you need to start with, get your home ready to sell. Interview 2 Realtors and pick the best one you feel can do the job. Ask for their most recent sale, how did it go. Do they know your subdivision area?

2nd. Get Your Realtor’s opinion on the items in their home that may need fixed based on what is currently on the market. Does your home best fit a First Time Home Buyer? A 2nd home? A single person? A Family? A retired person? Your home may be in a couple different categories. You know your home the best, who do you think may buy your home? Think thru their eyes what will stick out about your home to them? Good and bad.

3rd. Talk to your financial institution regarding if you owe anything still on your home. Decide what your bottom line is after the mortgage is paid off, what you would like to get out of your home to put into another home.

4th. Ask your Realtor how they are planning on Marketing your home. What do you need to do before it goes on the market. 

5th. Discuss your limitations or wish list on times during the day and evening that you would like your home shown by. I.e. if you have small children is 12-2 their nap time? Is 8p.m. too late? Discuss what the best solutions for you are. 

6th. 6 second rule. Do they love it in 6 seconds? 

Contact Homes by Sarah for 6-10 on what to look for when Selling your Home! 


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