Flip This House! The Time to Buy is NOW!!

Most people think that when the market is crazy busy, that you can’t find a good deal. That is not the case. Most buyers on the market currently want a home with the granite, hardwoods, and sparkling everything to be pristine and ready for move in. But if you buy a home that needs some work done to it prior to move in, you can get all the shiny new features for half the price of what it would be already completed and on the market.

The 1st Step: is Create a Plan and a Budget. Know what your bottom line is and how you will not go over. When it comes to a Kitchen remodel, make sure that all you are looking at is the pretty stuff .ie that is needs new counters, appliances, and the cabinets painted or stained- not a complete kitchen gut job, that is for the contractors and not a do it yourself 1st timer.
2nd Step: Be prepared, if you are willing to do some work and hire out the rest, get an exact estimate the contractor/handyman will charge. Have everything in writing and each item detailed out.
3rd Step: if your Kitchen cabinets are in good shape.i.e. they have the doors on them no water damage or minimal. Paint them or stain them. Painting cabinets white or the most recent trend dark grey or light grey- this minimal cost can really brighten up the kitchen and will minimize an unneccesary purchase of all new cabinets.

4th Step: If your cabinets are too far gone, or the doors are beyond repair, remove the doors, open cabinets are really in! Remove the doors and hardware, paint the inside a fun/bright color that makes the cabinets pop, then paint the outside white- and voila!
5th Step: Choosing Back splash it is so easy nowadays (I know that makes me sound old) to install on your own, go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and the workers will help you choose the right mix to help install the back splash you choose. The safest is go light! It rarely goes out of style and resale will help if you go with a neutral white.
6th Step: Adding additional lighting, you can hire an affordable handyman for this if you don’t feel like you are great in the electrical department. Adding new lighting can brighten up the dark areas and make your home look a lot larger, more up to date etc.
7th Step: Choosing your countertops, alot of places will install for a very affordable rate. Go to Granite supply stores etc to get pricing. I often choose Granite for the durability look price etc. If you go with Marble you have to seal it every 6 months, and its a softer surface, in the long run and resale go with Granite or similar.
8th Step: If you live near a Habitat for Humanity Store- they can be a great resource to go to to get a great deal on new or little ding appliances that work great and will be more than half the price of retail appliances.
9th Step: Add your own style to your home. I.e. if you love to pin some Chip & Joanna Gaines on your Pintrest board- find some things to add to your home to make it the style or look you love! I.e. add some shiplap to a plain wall, it may add $150-$200 to your budget but will not make you go over if done right. And with the world of do it yourself, that is an easy upgrade you can do to your own walls! I actually did myself and it turned out great! Also you can add rock tiles to the bathtub, counter or bar area to spruce it up and give it a more upscale look.

10th Step: Try the less expensive route when it comes to the floors. If the hardwoods are already in the home, sand them and refinish them. If you are wanting to install hardwoods, shop around you can find very varying pricing when it comes to hardwood flooring. Don’t spend over $5 per sq foot with install. Just keep shopping to get that price down.
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House Hunters in KS & MO! Get your House on NOW!!

Are you afraid to put your house on the market because you are afraid you will not find anything. There are easy solutions to the problem. When you are the seller, you have the power to do what you need too. As in, you can expect and ask for a longer period of closing up front. Which if a buyer wants your home they can extend their lease for a longer period to get your home. Every day homes are coming on and off the market, you have to be ready to buy. Not a lot of sellers are taking contingent contracts because for one reason there are so many buyers in the market, if they can accept one that doesn’t need to sell their home first- when they don’t even have it on the market yet. When you have already accepted an offer and are going to buy, there often is no issue, it is when you are asking a seller to take a chance / gamble on you -that you are not going to hold up the sell of their house and get cold feet and never sell yours. That is why a lot of sellers are shying away from contingent sells.

1st. What you need to start with, get your home ready to sell. Interview 2 Realtors and pick the best one you feel can do the job. Ask for their most recent sale, how did it go. Do they know your subdivision area?

2nd. Get Your Realtor’s opinion on the items in their home that may need fixed based on what is currently on the market. Does your home best fit a First Time Home Buyer? A 2nd home? A single person? A Family? A retired person? Your home may be in a couple different categories. You know your home the best, who do you think may buy your home? Think thru their eyes what will stick out about your home to them? Good and bad.

3rd. Talk to your financial institution regarding if you owe anything still on your home. Decide what your bottom line is after the mortgage is paid off, what you would like to get out of your home to put into another home.

4th. Ask your Realtor how they are planning on Marketing your home. What do you need to do before it goes on the market. 

5th. Discuss your limitations or wish list on times during the day and evening that you would like your home shown by. I.e. if you have small children is 12-2 their nap time? Is 8p.m. too late? Discuss what the best solutions for you are. 

6th. 6 second rule. Do they love it in 6 seconds? 

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Nottingham Forest Home Owners! Sell Now!!

Now is the time to sell your home! If you have at all considered moving, now is the time! With more and more business’s moving into Kansas City, now is the time to sell your home for the highest possible price and find another home for an affordable price! The best tool is Marketing your home. People pay what you market its worth!

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Tips on How to Sell your Home Fast! With the Most money to Buy Your Dream Home!!

6affe-home2bsarahbostPainted-over Wallpaper

       I realize that some of the stager-types do this on HGTV, but it’s EVIL! Eventually, the paint pulls the paper away from the wall, revealing a seam, which is a huge red flag for wise buyers.  To avoid bad karma you’ll never hear me say that it’s ok to paint over wallpaper.  One exception to the rule: If the wallpaper  was never sized, was mudded & sanded – then it is safe to paint.

Exercise Equipment in the Master Bedroom

This takes up to much space and is not eye appealing.

Smallish Closets with a Single Bar Across

There are home improvement store isles devoted to this very important master bedroom space. I recommend that sellers raise the bar so that a double hung bar can hang in a portion of the space….add a shelf or two above….and for please hide the open dirty clothes hamper.

Updated Kitchens with Shiny Brass cabinet Pulls

The stainless (or black) appliances look amazing, the lighting has been updated…why are the cabinet pulls still brass? A hundred bucks or so and the kitchen is fully updated.

Granite Counters with Dated Backsplash

Why? Why? Why? Buyers see the dated back spash butted against the gorgeous granite counters and wonder why the sellers didn’t finish the job. What should have been a        fabulous plus is now a frustrating negative.

Chandelier Hung Too High

Chandeliers as a rule of thumb should hang 33” to 39” from the top of the table to the bottom of the chandelier. Easy fix.

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Why Moving to Senior Living Seems Like a Scary Move!

seniors selling houses

Moving to senior living is not an easy over -dinner decision that is an easy choice to make. This decision is difficult and scary for seniors as well as for their family members. The fear of the unknown is a lot of the struggle between making a move or deciding to stay in their home longer and just waiting for an emergency to happen to think about doing something. 

Passive: Families who have acknowledged there may be an issue in mom and dads home but are not ready to have a conversation with mom and dad. 

Active: Families who have had the difficult conversation and have everyone on the same page that something needs to happen. This does not mean everyone is going to be on the same page with what decision needs to happen just that a decision that this same path cannot continue.Usually this happens after proof or an emergency has happened with mom and dad and all children have been faced with the cold hard facts usually from a professional that this cannot continue. 

Or the other stage- Choosing to Not make a decision, there are too many moving parts and don’t want to think about it. Knowing there may be a problem but choosing to wait until there is an emergency situation or multiple emergency situations before being forced to make a decision.  

Every family is different, each person is unique. The difficulties of aging creep up on everyone and often there is a negative stereotype associated with senior living. Children say “I promised never to stick mom and dad in one of Those facilities” or the parents often refer to “I will never be one of Those old people in a home”. Of course the goal often in families is to stay at home the longest possible and wait until an emergency happens. The  key to being successful and facing aging is to look at all possibilities before an emergency forces you to make a quick decision with scrambling around, stress and depression for all involved with having to make a life altering decision based on stress. Often thoughts begin forming that are overwhelming, we must sell the house first, senior living will cost too much, I have to downsize, what about all of this, etc. There is help I promise! 


My advice is this- seniors have gone through constant change in their lives, the fear of the unknown is the scariest. The fear of losing what they do have left.  So to help relieve some of that fear is to become open to possibilities. What happens when the other spouse is gone? What happens if mom and dad start to exhibit signs of depression. Depression is one of the largest factors in making a move into senior living, depression often causes isolation separation, personality changes, mood changes, often happens with loneliness even couples living in the same house day in and day out without having daily stimulation that the TV cannot provide, often will fall into depression. Often unhealthy diets, eating a lot of microwave dinners, meals no longer being a social aspect of their lives i.e. joining friends out or having people over any longer. As seniors age, the message they get even from their own doctors is stay home as long as possible. The disservice of this message often reaffirms a lot of peoples negative thoughts related to senior living. I worked in senior living for years, and heard this daily, “I wish I had moved in sooner”. Or from the children’s side ” I wish I had moved mom and dad in sooner, their lives would’ve been much happier and healthier if I had done this sooner”. 

Research has shown seniors who move into a community, often find a sense of purpose again, they are often less stressed, they have lower levels of depression, often due to making friends, talking to people daily again, having someone take care of their daily needs so they don;t have to worry about what meal to make, care and upkeep of a home, the fear of not having someone around in case of an emergency etc. Often seniors thrive in a healthy environment where they feel cared for and acknowledged as individuals. 

My challenge to families, begin having the difficult conversations, start out small, tour 1-2 communities after children have done a pre-tour before bringing parents, if you as a child does not like it, neither will your parent. Look for friendly, home feeling, can you see mom and dad enjoying it here or making friends here? Talk to other residents, do you like it here? Do you like the food here? 

Untitled design

For a lot of seniors being out from under the stress of owning their home and having to maintain a home is a huge stress relief.  For most seniors they have gone through the depression era and seeing their home needing some repair and they are unable to do it themselves is a difficult daily stressor for a lot of seniors. Seniors take pride in the look and care of their home and if they can no longer do as much as they used too, it may be the time to begin making a plan as a family everyone can be on board with. 

If you’re unsure of where to start, ask a professional. There are a TON of FREE resources for you! Just reach out! 

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