Flip This House! The Time to Buy is NOW!!

Most people think that when the market is crazy busy, that you can’t find a good deal. That is not the case. Most buyers on the market currently want a home with the granite, hardwoods, and sparkling everything to be pristine and ready for move in. But if you buy a home that needs some work done to it prior to move in, you can get all the shiny new features for half the price of what it would be already completed and on the market.

The 1st Step: is Create a Plan and a Budget. Know what your bottom line is and how you will not go over. When it comes to a Kitchen remodel, make sure that all you are looking at is the pretty stuff .ie that is needs new counters, appliances, and the cabinets painted or stained- not a complete kitchen gut job, that is for the contractors and not a do it yourself 1st timer.
2nd Step: Be prepared, if you are willing to do some work and hire out the rest, get an exact estimate the contractor/handyman will charge. Have everything in writing and each item detailed out.
3rd Step: if your Kitchen cabinets are in good shape.i.e. they have the doors on them no water damage or minimal. Paint them or stain them. Painting cabinets white or the most recent trend dark grey or light grey- this minimal cost can really brighten up the kitchen and will minimize an unneccesary purchase of all new cabinets.

4th Step: If your cabinets are too far gone, or the doors are beyond repair, remove the doors, open cabinets are really in! Remove the doors and hardware, paint the inside a fun/bright color that makes the cabinets pop, then paint the outside white- and voila!
5th Step: Choosing Back splash it is so easy nowadays (I know that makes me sound old) to install on your own, go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and the workers will help you choose the right mix to help install the back splash you choose. The safest is go light! It rarely goes out of style and resale will help if you go with a neutral white.
6th Step: Adding additional lighting, you can hire an affordable handyman for this if you don’t feel like you are great in the electrical department. Adding new lighting can brighten up the dark areas and make your home look a lot larger, more up to date etc.
7th Step: Choosing your countertops, alot of places will install for a very affordable rate. Go to Granite supply stores etc to get pricing. I often choose Granite for the durability look price etc. If you go with Marble you have to seal it every 6 months, and its a softer surface, in the long run and resale go with Granite or similar.
8th Step: If you live near a Habitat for Humanity Store- they can be a great resource to go to to get a great deal on new or little ding appliances that work great and will be more than half the price of retail appliances.
9th Step: Add your own style to your home. I.e. if you love to pin some Chip & Joanna Gaines on your Pintrest board- find some things to add to your home to make it the style or look you love! I.e. add some shiplap to a plain wall, it may add $150-$200 to your budget but will not make you go over if done right. And with the world of do it yourself, that is an easy upgrade you can do to your own walls! I actually did myself and it turned out great! Also you can add rock tiles to the bathtub, counter or bar area to spruce it up and give it a more upscale look.

10th Step: Try the less expensive route when it comes to the floors. If the hardwoods are already in the home, sand them and refinish them. If you are wanting to install hardwoods, shop around you can find very varying pricing when it comes to hardwood flooring. Don’t spend over $5 per sq foot with install. Just keep shopping to get that price down.
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